Keith Moynihan O' Brien

Rookie (Cork, Ireland)

Keith Moynihan O' Brien Poems

1. A Time To Breathe 1/15/2012
2. Beneath The Table 1/15/2012
3. Calm 1/15/2012
4. Dew 1/15/2012
5. Escapism 1/15/2012
6. Reflection On Sexuality As A Poet 1/15/2012
7. Probability's Fate 1/15/2012
8. Homily 1/15/2012
9. A Night For Dionysus 1/15/2012
10. Saturday Morning Solitude 1/15/2012
11. Requiem Éire 1/15/2012
12. Salvage 1/15/2012
13. Conversation With The Self And The Other 1/15/2012
14. Come Tend My Garden 1/15/2012
15. An Ordeal 1/15/2012
16. Thoughts So Wry 1/15/2012
17. A Time For Sleep 1/15/2012
18. What To Do? 1/15/2012
19. A Tranquil Dedication 1/15/2012
20. Sweet Sorrow 1/15/2012
21. My Mind Clamours 1/15/2012
22. Ode To Demeter's Daughter 1/15/2012
23. Gach Oíche Téim Amach 1/15/2012
Best Poem of Keith Moynihan O' Brien

Gach Oíche Téim Amach

Every night I go,
To a place where time runs slow.
Where mist gathers over water's edge,
And keep my solemn pledge.
Every night I go,
To watch the white ice grow
Upon the bladed grass,
And pray my quiet mass.
Every night I go,
To see the lake all aglow,
With fire and diamonds bright-
My vigil's candlelight.
Every night I go,
To feel the silence flow,
Upon my tightened skin,
And watch two swans swim.


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Beneath The Table

Some cats played between our legs that evening,
Concerned as we pretended to be with the warm tendrils
Of coffee and tea, that caressed the air between our breathing.
The gentle insistent purring that we pay them heed, thrills
Up legs to chests, and curls around the smiles of our mouths,
Seeking to tremble our voices and sooth some doubts.

Entwining these felines, vibrating against the foundations themselves,
Heads bumping and bodies caressing sinuously against our support,

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