Keith Taylor Poems

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Mortals... Gods... Eh...

Many people think that there is only one King,
Who rules over all, everyone, everything.
Well, I come here to tell you how
That there are Gods that walk among us now!

Cashier's Dream; The Hunt

At that moment, call it the float
if you like, but the precise moment
between your giving me the money
and my giving you the merchandise,

Prairie Fire

Uncertain about the difference
between his memory and the myth,
the thing he'd been told and what he'd seen,

At The Living Creche

A camel in the church yard on State
walked around the fence toward our car
(This is true! It really did happen

Statue Of The Blind Girl

She listens, not to the green world exploding
around her, not to Vesuvius howling—
the hour has come; of two working in the field
one shall be taken; of two women grinding wheat

The Gardener Remembers

The gardener sculpts the land
to help us remember the names
we’ve lost: wild ginger
and false Solomon’s seal,

Sea And Rain: Lake Michigan

There is a dance at water's edge,
a movement between the lake, its sand
and the horizon where lake becomes cloud.

The Day After An Ice Storm

When it dawns crystalline, blue,
the air sparkling with prisms
reflected off oak and spruce,
off every twig, branch, or limb,

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