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Rookie (April 25,1974 / Birmingham, AL)

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Meet author Keith Oscar Williams, a veteran poet of fourteen years whose literary career has influenced many people of all ages. Since 1991, Williams has used poetry as a way to express deep thoughts and feelings when no one wanted to listen. He began to address many issues through his life including love, relationships, emotions, life struggles, marriage, and spirituality. From falling in love by an old oak tree to dealing with married life, Williams was determined to make his voice heard. His voice became popular not by spoken word, but by written word. Even thought most of his poetry was lost, Williams continued to write a new generation of poetry, highlighting new challenges and trials he believed he would overcome. Other memorable poems are My Broken Heart (1992) , A Little Romance In My Life (1992) , How Must I Come To Love Thee (1993) , A Quest to Love, a Love to Quest, Part I and II (1994) , Delilah In an Unknown Place (1995) , Sad and Worried (1997) , The Tulip Song (1998) Celebrate Love (1999) , Celebrate More Love (2001) , Get the Word, Get the Wealth (2002) , and The Messenger That Doesn't Speak (2003) ,

Now, Williams combined a few old poetry selections with prose from the past two years into a book of poems known as The True Experience. Why such a name for a collection of poetry? Williams concluded that everything written in the book is his true expression of how he real felt about his inner struggles. Williams believes that through his faith in God, he will have the strength to continue the journey to the city of golden streets. In that place, he may continue to write, but for a difference audience.

This book was written to provide an inspiration to those who are going through similar dilemmas in life, showing how these written testimonies can be medicine to the troubled mind. With that objective in mind, Williams hopes his poetry can recruit people to become saints of God one person at a time.

Other books due in the coming years are Spirit Led, Spirit Led, King Edward's Courtyard, Computers Inside, The True Experience, Volume II, Lessons for Life, and The True Experience, Volume III.

Keith Oscar Williams was born in Birmingham, AL in 1974. He is third of five children to Dorothy and Albert Williams, Sr. Williams, in1992, graduated from A. H. Parker High School in Birmingham. Williams studied at Alabama State University, Miles College, University of Alabama-Birmingham, and Virginia Commonwealth University. He obtained a bachelor degree in Management from Alabama State University in 1996, an associated degree in Divinity at Universal Ministries School of Theology in 2002, and a diploma in Pastoral Ministry at Cathedral University in 2003. Williams went on to create Greater Works Business Services, an online web presence provider in 1998. God also called Williams into the ministry in 1999. He founded Great I Am Ministries Outreach International in 2003 as an evangelistic, missions-oriented, Christ-centered organization. Most of this work was done in the Hampton Roads area from 2003 to 2005. From 2005 to 2007, Williams made a pilgrimage to Lynchburg, VA to do ministry work in the Blue Ridge Area. Today, Williams lives in Fredericksburg, VA with his wife, Sheona Billesha Tibbs (married her in Fredericksburg, VA on August 24,2001) . The couple has no children. He is the author of addtional books including Spirit Led, Spirit Fed, Lessons for Life, and Yesterday's Letters.

Keith Williams's Works:

The True Experience, Volume I, Spirit Led, Spirit Fed, Computers Made Simple, Lessons for Life, Yesterday's Letters Updates

The Old Oak Tree

At the high school I first went
One girl I met such time wasn't spent
Because one look at her I wanted to fight
Evil thoughts about her bothered me day and night
Not a time went by I had anything good to say
Passing through the halls kicking dust in the hay
A cold war harsh as old man winter
While chopping wood outside my hands got a splinter
Then one day a madman came

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