Kellie Younger

Rookie (May 4,1991)

Biography of Kellie Younger

All the poems (if you want to call them that) on here are ones that I wrote unless stated otherwise. I write because it's a way to get things out of my head. I can't tell anyone the way I really feel so instead I write. The poems I write is just how I feel, nothing more than that which is why I don't really consider them poems. A lot of people who have read them liked them so I decided to put them up here. Let me know if you like them or not cause I still don't know whether I like them. A lot of the poems I write are about horses because horses are pretty much my life. I've trained a few already (I'm only 15) but every time I train a horse, they get sold and so I have a lot of stuff about that. I think that's it so yeah, let me know if you like or dislike anything! Updates

I'M Incomplete

What hurts the most,
Is I thought you cared.
King of mixed signals,
You held your title,
No doubt about it.
They said things wouldn't change
But I can tell they have
The silence between us has grown
I wish to turn back time and take back what I said

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