Kelly Iyogun

Veteran Poet - 1,074 Points [God of poetry] (31-10-1992 / Edo state, NIGERIA)

Kelly Iyogun Quotes

  • ''Relationship are much like grooming a flower, it needs proper watering. When watering of the flower seizes the flower starts to wither''
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  • ''Craziness peeped through my creative mind and she said I was crazy''
  • ''If I decide to give a fuck to every damn words people say, preety sure the world would have many bastards''
  • ''Slowly Memories Fade, but the writing and the works of sages, poet, Inventors, innovators and reformers lives for generations to come''
  • ''When you in love Every CRAZY thing done Seems SO ROMANTIC and when you fall awt of it those ROMANTIC things seems so INSANELY STUPID and pisses the shit out of You''
  • ''You can't change the past.....why bother? ...linger too much in the thought, you only get pulled down....Tomorrow is yet to come...GET PREPARED, that is one day you can change''
    Past, Future
  • ''Only those scared of the past are afraid of the Future and whatever it Holds''
  • ''Worry Never really did anyone Good. Well, Only the Doctors.''
  • ''It is easier to Blame the devil other than ourselves for our own misdeeds. His he not the Great Deceiver? Everyone knows that. But we forget our decisions are entirely our own.''
  • ''Ideas maketh man, while success changes him.''

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Best Poem of Kelly Iyogun

This Is Not A Poem

Sorry if I don't believe you.....

I don't know what's true anymore,
People say a lot of stuff,
Some they mean,
And others they don't.
The words they mean, said so jokingly you would assume it a sick one.
And the words they do not mean, said with all seriousness, believing every detail said seems so easy.

I don't believe in promises anymore,
Inshort I have no idea what that is.
I have given my own share of promises and broken them like cracked nuts, chewed them and swallow each words like it never came out of my mouth.
I have heard promises made, ...

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Friends We Were

Friends we were,
feelings we shared,
time we spent,
jokes we told
fun we had
but then came the unimaginable,
apart we drifted
less we talked
different path we took..

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