Kelly Kurt

Gold Star - 211,726 Points [Kelly (Insert brooding but philosophical epithet here) Kurt] (1/14/1958 / Cedar Rapids Iowa)

Kelly Kurt Poems

161. (haiku) Progress? 7/8/2015
162. Numbers 7/9/2015
163. Remembering Yesterday (Edited) 7/9/2015
164. Strangers (Haiku) 7/10/2015
165. Past (Haiku) 7/12/2015
166. Sorry (Haiku) 7/13/2015
167. Gold (Haiku) 7/14/2015
168. Self (Haiku) 7/30/2015
169. Lightning (Haiku) 8/3/2015
170. Magic (Haiku) 8/3/2015
171. Beetle On My Floor 8/5/2015
172. Sunset Cicada Song 8/6/2015
173. Clover (Haiku) 8/9/2015
174. Tattoo (Haiku) 8/14/2015
175. His Scent (Tanka) 8/15/2015
176. Food 8/22/2015
177. Big Shorty (Limerick) 8/27/2015
178. H.E.L.P. 8/28/2015
179. Vodka 8/29/2015
180. Hate 8/29/2015
181. Crowded With Absence 8/31/2015
182. Hydrogen 2 (Haiku) 9/20/2015
183. Excuses (Tanka) 9/27/2015
184. Darkness (Haiku) 9/27/2015
185. Sound (Haiku) 9/29/2015
186. Attrition (Senryu) 10/21/2015
187. Closing Act (Tanka) 10/22/2015
188. Sun Dance (Limerick) 12/2/2015
189. Charity (Senryu) 12/10/2015
190. Quantity's Lesser Sum (Tanka) 12/17/2015
191. Wrong Career Path (Limerick) 1/16/2016
192. Moment's Mind In Ink (Senryu) 1/23/2016
193. Ill Conceived Judgments 1/24/2016
194. Downfall (Senryu) 2/8/2016
195. Bad Limp (Limerick) 2/13/2016
196. Exsanguinated Valentine (Senryu) 2/14/2016
197. Commandments 2.0 2/16/2016
198. Flatulence Forte (Limerick) 2/20/2016
199. Size Doesn't Matter 3/8/2016
200. Lime Rick (Limerick) 3/28/2016

Comments about Kelly Kurt

  • Alexandro Johns Alexandro Johns (7/29/2015 5:40:00 PM)

    Thanks for you comentary.
    Alexandro Johns from Chile

    18 person liked.
    7 person did not like.
  • Frank Avon (7/29/2015 12:41:00 AM)

    When I read your bio (purely factual I'm certain, but only partly Truth) , there was an ad on your page, touting a man who had invented a system to restore your 20/20 vision. He looked like an Iowan, so I'm sure he must have been you (after all I graduated from the U of I, so I know what an Iowan looks like) . My guess, from the photo, is that you - like me - are 77 years old, but you may not have been 77 for quite as many years as I have. Six children is not the predestined number; that's seven. My wife and I have five and a dog. Obviously we all have some work to do. Bon soir.

  • Abdalla Juma Shenga (7/16/2015 4:30:00 AM)

    your bio is the best.

  • Nadia Glasner (5/20/2015 10:25:00 AM)

    I liked the poem you wrote called I can promise only this. I see you have a lot of fans so, I'm honored you commented on my work...Thank you again. I also liked your Biography and your work is interesting. I'm sorry your a recluse but, guess I am to a certain point. You had six children! Wow...that's a task in itself. They must all be proud. You take care and God Bless. :)

  • Ayman Parray Ayman Parray (5/19/2015 4:17:00 PM)

    Mr. Kelly Kurt, a gem of a poet who encourages other poets to write. He is an man with a big heart and his writing is inspiring- and that my friends Is a rare quality. Thank you sir for being who you are and please be like that always.

  • Ayman Parray Ayman Parray (5/12/2015 3:02:00 PM)

    I just read -Time To Kill? - very well written and real - evokes a different kind of fear

  • Ayman Parray Ayman Parray (5/12/2015 2:58:00 AM)

    I read your poem -Fear- and really enjoyed it thanks so much

  • Art Paul Schlosser Art Paul Schlosser (5/5/2015 1:02:00 PM)

    Thanks for your comment on my poem

  • John Richter (5/4/2015 7:36:00 AM)

    The sequel to the Bible(?) , 'The Bobbel.' - should probably have been more appropriately titled 'The Babel' - :) - in any event I'm sure to enjoy reading your poetry Kelly... Your introduction 'biography' page is very humorous!

  • Sandra Feldman (5/3/2015 3:03:00 PM)

    Poet Kelly Kurt.

    Once you've read him,
    You cannot stop,
    For not all poets touch the heart,
    But Kelly Kurt has that fine Art.

Best Poem of Kelly Kurt

I Can Promise Only This

You can ask anything of me and I will attempt
You can tell me to smile, when grief is my shadow
You can stick me with pins and require my stillness
Take all my possessions and demand more
You can mandate the improbable and I will comply
But I can promise only this
To do my best

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For Now

Hmm, this ‘thing' just happened
Seems I should at least consider
Effects stem from causes
If understood
Many bad choices
Would not be made
At least if measured thought was allowed
Fundamental and subjective
My personal thoughts

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