Kelly lee

Biography of Kelly lee

i love art, photography, music, poems & fashion.
i dont care what anyone thinks about me
all i need are friends that i adore
and even though your better than me
im always on top of the world

i really don't have anything too say ' sorry'
But hopefully my poems can reach out for you
becasue they are inspired by friends
but ' In the fat kids heart' please understand
what i went through.. Updates


Never hold my hand when your gonna break my heart,
Never say you ' love me' when you dont plan to start,
Never look in to my eyes when all you do is lie,
Never say 'Hi' if you really mean 'Goodbye',
If you mean forever then say you'll try,
Never say forever cause forever makes me cry,

Love hurts so we all cry,
tears dropping fom my eyes,

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