Kelly Seale

Rookie (12-17-1958 / Norfolk, Va. USA)

Kelly Seale Poems

1. 'Take Me With You' 7/30/2012
2. 'Turquoise Tease' 7/30/2012
3. 'Eleccentricity' 7/30/2012
4. 'The Memory Of You' 7/30/2012
5. 'Tinted Glass' 7/31/2012
6. 'You Take My Breath' 7/31/2012
7. 'Touch' 7/31/2012
8. 'So Fine' 7/31/2012
9. 'In The Distance' 7/31/2012
10. 'You'Re A Dream' 7/31/2012
11. 'Fade In...' 7/31/2012
12. 'Fade To Black' 7/31/2012
13. 'The Slasher' 7/31/2012
14. 'The Reckoning - A Continuum For Fade To Black' 7/31/2012
15. 'The Last Poet' 7/31/2012
16. 'Just Kickin' It! ' - A Photographic Essay 7/31/2012
17. 'Dance Of The Sunprincess' 11/8/2012
18. 'Dance On Fire' 1/28/2013
19. 'Smoke' 1/31/2013
20. 'I Reach Under My Pillow' 6/21/2013
21. 'The Bullet That Missed' 6/26/2013
22. 'Porcelain Penguin' 7/7/2013
23. 'To Delete Or Not To Delete? ' 8/18/2013
24. You 8/17/2013
25. 'It's Only A Game' 8/27/2013
26. 'Chasing Amy Winehouse' 8/16/2013
27. 'Sunshine's Gift' 11/9/2012
28. 'The Ghost Within Me' 7/30/2012
29. 'Mariachi' 7/30/2012
30. 'Wilted Flowers' 7/31/2012
31. 'Innocent Bride' 7/31/2012
32. 'I'Ve Watched You Walk' 7/30/2012
33. 'Ellie May' 7/30/2012
34. 'The Magic Of Your Eyes' 7/31/2012
35. 'Tender Mercies' 7/31/2012
36. 'Daddy's Bottle' 7/31/2012
37. 'Which Part' 12/13/2012
38. 'Breathing Fire' 4/26/2013
39. 'As Passion Burns...' 5/6/2013
40. 'Christmas Magic' 12/8/2012

Comments about Kelly Seale

  • (12/11/2018 2:44:00 PM)

    Hello, I am a seventh grade teacher, who would like your permission to photocopy your poem for use in my classroom. Students will compare and contrast the speaker in your poem with the character in a short story. Please grant your permission.

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  • Shahzia Batool Shahzia Batool (6/2/2013 9:23:00 PM)

    Kelly Seale is a sensitive artist. Two major features of his writing style are to be menntioned:
    1: the selection of titles
    2: the handling of metaphor is neat.
    A rose by anyother name is a beautiful poem on his credit.
    Good poetry! ! !

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  • Alla Simone (11/5/2012 9:38:00 AM)

    sparkle*...because deleting & reposting may result in multiple posts, lol

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  • Alla Simone (11/5/2012 9:37:00 AM)

    Kellys poetry never fails to inspire awe. The reader can see the twinkle in his eye as his words sparke in their minds eye. He's also a bit of a wild card so you can't help gravitating toward the 'rush' of his words. Other times his words are so softly encouraging and tender, that you feel as if the writer were caressing your hand, or you become a child and experience him gently wiping away tears. Kelly bears the mark of a true poet.

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  • Shelley Jones (7/31/2012 4:26:00 AM)

    Thank you Kelly, your poems embody the loving passionate touch of great intimacy between soul mates.

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Best Poem of Kelly Seale

'A Rose By Anyother Name'

Look at me.
You see yourself as a dandelion,
one of many, and not at all special:
Yet, still considered a flower by some.

In reality, You are a Rose,
deep, rich red, delicate passion pink.
Soft, satiny petals,
And yet, you do have your thorns.
You keep those around you at a distance.
Seemingly to be safe,
but there is nothing to be afraid of.

So look at me...
You are in your prime, your beauty is in full bloom.
Feel it, let it happen, it's become a part of you.
You have such a special gift, in which you deny yourself
the pleasure of ...

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The way you touched me,
The way you touched everybody-
Was like a domino effect.
The way you loved, the way you laughed, the way you lived-
Thinking about you now,
In retrospect.
The memories of you
Are as thick as honey,
And haunt me in my dreams.

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