Kelly Zion

Freshman - 537 Points [Tucalony] (11/27/1994)

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Kelly Zion poet

Hi, I'm a Southland girl. I grew up in Kentucky and Wisconsin, but my heart's always in Georgia. I also got folks up in Minnesota and sometimes we'd go visit them and hang out at the trailerhood (that's where I got my Eastern American toads.) I've got a big family; two older brothers, two younger brothers, a sister, and all the sweet Country singers I adopted (mainly Tim McGraw and Joe Nichols and Keith Urban... and Rodney Atkins and Toby and Owen Wilson (okay he doesn't count) and Wolverine's brother and my Principle Mr. Ricky (who reminds me of Tim McGraw.) I love all animals and I grew up with tons of chickens, cats, rabbits (not Rabbit with the Spot, that's the evil one we have now) and fish and ducks and pea fowl and pigeons and I had a pet goat and brothers had a snake and a spider that lived by the door and mice that ran away into nether-space. I think I love all animals, but people are better (at least some.) Tim McGraw is the sweetest guy in the world. My cologne dinosaur totally agrees. I'm a Baptist missionary and I know the old King James is the only true Bible (by the way I love that song, by Scotty McCreery) and Chick Publications is the best place to get ministry material (they have stuff explaining why the KJV is the only true Bible and just about everything else) and Kent Hovind knows all about dinosaurs and creation science ('evolution is a carefully-protected state religion, ' just like any other cult. My favorite quote from him. My favorite poem is 'The Hunting of the Snark' by Lewis Carrol (by the way, I love snarks. There's a book all about them, 'In Search of Lake Monsters' by Peter Costello, an awesome book. I probably stayed up for three days reading it, all kinds of recorded stories. But we should definitely leave them alone, they're shy creatures. It's funny, after the flood, practically all the dinosaurs we have left are the ones that escaped in the sea (remember all the creatures were destroyed that were on 'dry land.') I also like Cat Crimes (well some of them) they are great psycho stories about cats (fiction of course) and 'Tom-Cat Tree' on this site, is so cool. And I love the poem 'Daylight' by Jeremy Rodgers and 'Once-Saved, Always Saved' is definitely wrong. It totally goes against scripture. (you can write to me and I'll give you a ton of verses disproving it. And articles too.) My sister's a lesbian and I totally don't agree with that either (Romans Chapter 1: 26-27) I think I might disown her. Also, my older brothers are Atheists (I don't know why, they've heard all Kent Hovind's stuff. Oh, yeah, it's a religion.) And my little brothers are brats. I'm so glad I have a secondary family. And I'll always have a home in Heaven. I believe that words are our greatest weapons, so keep it going!

Kelly Zion's Works:

'My Secret Hideaway' by Publish America. Updates

Little Girl On The Beach

A little girl
all alone on the beach
touches the sand
to build a fairytale.
Nobody’s around,
nobody cares.
Baby, why weren’t you there?
You could've picked me up and held me close,
stopped me from ever knowing,

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