Kelly Zion

Freshman - 537 Points [Tucalony] (11/27/1994)

Kelly Zion Poems

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202. Upside-Down Rabbits 5/31/2013
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204. Waiting For An Apology 5/31/2013
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207. Water, Oh, Water 7/16/2014
208. Watermelon Prison 4/25/2013
209. Weeping Mulberries 5/31/2013
210. We'Re All Truckers, Baby 11/21/2013
211. 'When All The Music Dies' 8/14/2013
212. Winter Hell 4/10/2013
213. Without Promise 7/26/2015
214. Your Arms 11/15/2013
215. Your Charley 1/16/2014
Best Poem of Kelly Zion

Addicted To You

I'm addicted to you,
I can't get enough of you
I suffer from withdrawal
when I'm away from you.
They say I'm obsessed,
I'm happily obsessed,
I'm addicted to you,
I need you,
I'm hooked on you,
I'd die without you,
I live for you,
I'm addicted to you.
Drugs can kill you
and mess you up
but love never hurts you
if it's true love,
unfeigned love
baby, our love
is the only sweet addiction.
Baby, music
help heal the hurting,
soothes the soul,
but baby, all the songs
mean nothing
compared to you
you're my sweet ...

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End Of Time

We float in this world as bits of dust,
following the instincts of our lusts.
How do we lose what we haven't gained?
How do we go crazy when we were born insane?
Let's lift ourselves out of this grave,
wash our souls out in the rain,
in Maraschino drops of blood,
we know we can be loved
if we rise above.

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