Kellz Decker Biography

I am a simple poet who started wrting poems when i was a freshmen in highschool, and continued through out highschool my first poems i wrote freshmen year are: The Way It Come, Memories Hope, New beginning, Loves Beginning and Forever Loved. Weightless was among these but i could not finish it, so i left it. Then during My senior year, i somehow found weightless in the back of my folder and fixed it so it would not go unfinshed, in the end weightless made it, i wrote many other poems that are not on here but some are in the process of being edited. But from freshmen year and up, i have written poems, each poem is based off random things some are based off my Stories i write, some off peoples lives some even off a book or movie but they are all written from the heart. I was 15 when i started writing poems as a hobbie, they just came to me outta nowhere.

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