Kelsey Gallant

Rookie - 248 Points (1993 / Bloomington, IN)

Kelsey Gallant Quotes

  • ''Whoever you are, wherever you're from, whatever you've done, the Lord looks at you with love.''
    Kelsey Gallant
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  • ''Never can one thing replace another, for everything is itself in its own way.''
    Kelsey Gallant
  • ''It isn't always right to do what's easy, and it isn't always easy to do what's right.''
    Kelsey Gallant
  • ''Life is a sure to enjoy it.''
    Kelsey Gallant
  • ''We are co-authors in the stories of our own lives. The main author has already written the most amazing ending. It's our choice whether we want to accept that amazing ending- which is far, far better than anything we could come up with ourselves- or throw it away and write a different one.''
    Kelsey Gallant
  • ''It doesn't matter what anyone else does; do what you know is right!''
    Kelsey Gallant
  • ''Smile and be friendly to everyone you meet. You may end up making a huge impact in someone's life without even knowing it.''
    Kelsey Gallant
  • ''My prayer for you is that you may find peace, whoever you are and whatever you need.''
    Kelsey Gallant
  • ''Don't try so hard to match the rest of the world. Inside you is so much more!''
    Kelsey Gallant

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Best Poem of Kelsey Gallant

The Thief

He looks, he walks, he grabs his sack
He sneaks, he creeps, he’s on his way back
He puts his sack in his secret pond
And in the flash of a camera, he’s gone
The bag, which held stolen money from the bank,
Went deeper, deeper, down it sank
And who knew he was a robber, slick and sleek
Who knew he was a thief?
If you ever find him, call the police!

(Published in Print in 'DeSSerted Island: Poem Collection' - 2014)

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Picture it on a dark night, with animals
Hiding out of your sight
Oh, suddenly it rings! You jump! You answer it
No one there, you’re the only one home
Eeek! You’re scared of your telephone!

(Published in Print in 'DeSSerted Island: Poem Collection' - 2014)

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