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I'm a teenager striving to find a purpose. I have some amazing friends, but I have been hurt by quite a few people I called my friends. When I'm not at home hiding away from all the yelling and pain, I'm at school probably getting bullied and hiding that away as well. I believe poems are a good way expressing things, but not all of my poems are related to me. Some are for my friends or about my friends.

I believe in experience, and how it'll break you or make you. I let fate run its course but hope for a better outcome. I've learned some pretty good life lessons, and I stick to them.

Life comes fast, but you have to know that somewhere... there is hope.
And there is Love. Updates

Heaven Gone Amiss

The clouds begin to thicken
My spirit reaches for yours
You try to reach back to me
But the clouds make your spirit sore.
I yell your name to find you
You don't respond to my loud thunder
I sit on my cloud and cry the rain
My happiness has turned to somber.
I spread my wings and fly around

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