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Kelsey Joe Poems

41. Just You Babe 9/9/2007
42. Keep Me On Your Mind 9/9/2007
43. Lost And Confused 9/9/2007
44. Lost Friendship 12/9/2007
45. Love, Pain, Blood And Death 9/9/2007
46. Me And You 9/9/2007
47. My Secret Love 11/19/2008
48. Nothing Good. 9/18/2007
49. Ode To Friends 9/9/2007
50. Perfection 9/28/2007
51. Please Don'T Leave Me Alone 9/9/2007
52. Remember Me 9/9/2007
53. Remembering The Past. 1/13/2011
54. Running Suicide 9/9/2007
55. Scars Are The Memories 9/16/2007
56. Scars Are The Stories 12/15/2007
57. She Fell, She Died 11/18/2007
58. Silence 4/27/2008
59. Silent Suicide 9/19/2007
60. The Eyes Are The Soul 9/28/2007
61. The Perfect Suicide 9/10/2007
62. The Suffering Will Remain 4/15/2008
63. Tricked And Hurting. 11/19/2008
64. True Friend 9/9/2007
65. Untitled 9/9/2007
66. Walls Seal Me From Reality 12/9/2007
67. We See It, But Dont Believe It 12/9/2007
68. We'Re Closer Than You Think 9/9/2007
69. We'Re Done 9/10/2007
70. When A Friend 3/2/2008
71. When I'M Gone 11/18/2007
72. Where's Happiness When You Need It? 12/9/2007
73. Who 9/9/2007
74. Whole Puzzle Love 9/18/2007
75. World 1/13/2011
Best Poem of Kelsey Joe

Best Friends Forever, More Like Sisters

Through thick and thin no matter what
Even when you have a broken heart
And everything seems to hit like a dart,
I'm here.

When you cry and I wipe your tears
When you hug me and you lose your fears
When people bully you and you can hear their jeers,
I'll be there.

Even when the world shuts you out
And even when your depressed and pout
If you get hurt and you shut my shouts
I'll love you anyways.

Through everything life can throw
We both just seem to know
We share something special with our 10 year friendship show
We're Best Friends, ...

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Heaven Gone Amiss

The clouds begin to thicken
My spirit reaches for yours
You try to reach back to me
But the clouds make your spirit sore.
I yell your name to find you
You don't respond to my loud thunder
I sit on my cloud and cry the rain
My happiness has turned to somber.
I spread my wings and fly around

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