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Kelsie Bell Poems

1. Trust 11/26/2009
2. Bleeding Oxygen 11/26/2009
3. Lonely 11/26/2009
4. Lovely Suicide 11/26/2009
5. Something A Friend Told Me 11/26/2009
6. An Abandoned Promise 11/26/2009
7. Suicide 11/26/2009
8. One Thing That Can Not Change 11/26/2009
9. Good Bye 11/26/2009
10. Why Did You Go? 11/26/2009
11. Unanswered Questions 11/26/2009
12. Suicide Note 11/26/2009
13. I Love You 11/26/2009
14. I Am Sorry 11/26/2009
15. Sucide The Only Way Out 11/26/2009
16. I Was Mistaking 11/26/2009
17. Broken 11/26/2009
18. My Life 11/26/2009
19. Abandoned 11/26/2009
20. My Friend Now Gone 11/26/2009
21. The Voice 11/26/2009
22. Only 11/26/2009
23. The Tears I Shed 11/26/2009
24. This Pain Is Killing Me 11/26/2009

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This Pain Is Killing Me

No one will listen to me when I say I am in pain
I have tried so many times to tell you
But you never listen
You just think I am lying
Or you are not paying any attention
You have caused me so much pain
This pain is killing me
I never thought you would do this
I never thought you would
I believed you when you said
I will listen to everything
You can talk to me about anything
But you lied
You said nothing will bother you
You lied
Now that you are gone this pain is killing me

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I feel so lonely inside
that I am so cold
I feel like no one care
I try to scream for help
but it seem like no one wants to help
So I hide everything inside
I am so lonely
because no one care
all they care about is themselves

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