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Kemurl fofanah was born at 34 hospital wilberforce freetown sierra leone, to mr abdul fofanah and miss rebecca Djallo bamin on the 19 of june 1592, when his country 11 years civil was just at it beginning. He attended ronsab kindergarten for three month, when unstability of his country forced him to stop the process of schooling. In 1997, He started schooling again with the conflicts at it rest. this time, He was admitted into service primary school at wilberforce. There also, the war halted his schooling when it started again around 1998 to 1999. With the war in progress, He moved to the central part of freetown to stay with his aunty where he lived till the war ended around 1999 to 2000. He started attending neneh's preparatory school which started their operation as a school thats provide basic education for free. The school then changed their free provision of education and started demand Kemurl stop attending due to financial disabilities his family was facing. But soon he gain admission to a government primary school named fatt-rahman municipal primary school where double promotion speed up his process of gaining higher classes in education help him cope up with the pace he had missed out on while their country civil war was on. In the year 2004, He sat to their country national entrance exam and gained admission to one of the most prominent junior and senior secondary school in sierra leone named albert academy. after three year of junior secondary education at the albert academy, He also sat to another national named BECE (basic education certification exam) and gain admission to the same albert academy but this time, into their senior secondary.on the first year of senior secondary schooling, He met his career as poet which was discovered in him by his literature teachers who witnessed him writing a short note concerning the continuity of life after one has lose a special person in their life. He wrote the note which later with the help of his literature teachers, he transformed into poem. He named the it ''you must go on'' that poem grow so popular among his friends, that its inspire him more and there of, his journeys as a poet becomes more vivid.due to the popularity of that poem Most recently, Kemurl fofanah has gained admission into the university of sierra leone, fourah bay college in the faculty of art.....
Kemurl fofanah has written up to sixty poems on

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The Young New Poet

I am that young new poet
Whom the world hadnt had a glimpse of yet
My works some do debunk
My effort many had try to sunk
But with him as my guide
I have never lean or slide
Instead i am just pervase in production
From birth to now, i think i had a collection
And yet i am still buried in this dust

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