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1. Regenerative 10/16/2017
2. PUBLIC SPACE 10/16/2017
4. HOLOGRAM, AUBADE 10/16/2017
5. NOTTAWASAGA 10/16/2017
6. AVALON, HELICOPTER 10/16/2017
7. TO WHEN WE NO LONGER DIE 10/16/2017
8. The Brave 10/16/2017
9. Windspeed 10/16/2017
10. The Minds of the Higher Animals 10/16/2017
11. Verificationist 10/16/2017
12. Essentialist 10/16/2017
13. Materialist 10/16/2017
14. The World's Hub after Pier Paolo Pasolini 10/16/2017
15. Late Drive Toward Innisfil 10/16/2017
16. Marram Grass 10/16/2017
17. Hunter Deary And Hospital Wing 11/22/2013
18. Fending Off The Conservatism In Adorno 11/22/2013
19. Compatibilist 11/22/2013
20. Carrying Someone Else's Infant Past A Cow In A Field Near Marmora, Ont. 11/22/2013
21. The Sling Of Two Arms 11/22/2013

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The Sling Of Two Arms

I held her not well, didn't
hold her well, jumped
my gaze from one eye to her other,
seeing neither, pinned one
deadwood arm that numbed, then
fell. I held her unwell.

The veneer headboard bent, wavered,
its false grain a-swim like
the clean code on a wave-washed
shell. To not be present is hell -
no, to remember having been absent;
indisputably bodily there, legs,

lungs, teeth, and all, but watching oneself
watching oneself holding her -
and not well. She hung ...

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That dog padded home wearing a rip
in his back, clicked onto the kitchen linoleum
with a five-inch smile down his saddling spine.

Where pebbles and dark grit stuck to the wound's
lips, vertebrae like molars grinned through
in an anemic bluish white. The dumb grey

meat of his tongue like a sodden flag waiting

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