Ken e Hall

Rookie (Last Century / England-Now Australian Citizen)

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What a life thank you god,

Act won
I am a fallen star
but I am the leading man
for my familyWhat a life thank you god,

Act won
I am a fallen star
but I am the leading man
for my family.
The S/Haiku 'Confidence' I wrote Did not work for me
[Backbone's filled with self
Confidence needs reliance

On no one, Dad's gift] For my dad left when I was 3 and I never ever saw him again, so how did I fill my backbone...when I was 11 I took on the school Hulk and bully who was thumping a smaller boy, I ended up with a broken leg..when I was 17 joined the Kings Royal Rifle Corps then joined the Parachute regiment.They put me thru six weeks of the toughest training imaginable running, climbing trees, boxing with no bell, racing other companies with a telegraph pole up a hill and down the other side, jumping off moving lorries.You either passed or failed to get in the Para Regiment,2 guys got a recourse to do the whole thing again I was one of them, later passing and going on to get my wings

and filling my backbone with confidence.At 19 I married my sweetheart Gloria who was only 16 and we have been together Dancing together all our lives to this very day...Very much in love.

That sphere in the eerie night sky in her fullness oozes blueness
creates wonder and awe pock mark circles dot its surface
How can it be the suns syzygy so barren no life emphatic in its trueness
Silent so still commanding our oceans with such grace Updates

The Little Cripple

Hoppity Hop with a
Stick thin withered leg,
Lucks dice threw the grip
From the feline’s jaw.

You tiny little wonder bird
Life’s chores must be done,
As cornflakes crunch in well worn teeth
The realty show has begun.

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