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Rookie (Last Century / England-Now Australian Citizen)

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Best Poem of Ken e Hall

*** Dancing In Flowers ***

You're dancing in flowers this lover's fair
I'm stepping on clouds floating on air,
Swinging on stars dreaming on cue
Sliding down rainbows nearer to you,

You hide behind daisies with buttercup class
Still peeking thru' locks of a golden haired lass,
A bunny falls back as you quickly dance by
As I float down from the super blue sky.

Ah, I see you soft an' so still in a beautiful pose
Smiling hiding in the folds of a rose,
For a kiss indeed I miss thorns so scary,
Inside the rose it's all in a day's work for the ...

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United States Election

To vote the man into the oval’s chair
Wisdom’s choice would be a copy of Fred Astaire,
Not as silly as one might think,
Every step he carefully planned for a rightful link,
Executed perfection and in the right direction,
Put that in politics and you have a utopia election.
For a start can Hillary dance?
To the tune of the American nation,
Or has Barack with a beat a better chance

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