Ken Nye Poems

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Making Love

As the years go by and passions cool,
we make love in places that
twenty-five year olds only dream about.

Gold Is A Color

Storybook fables give gold a rich luster
that loses its brilliance with closer inspection.

Colors of leaves in autumn’s bright showcase

Don'T Go: A Father's Lament

Don’t go, little one.
Continue to believe that every smile you see
is from a heart that loves you.
Hold your little doll

If I Should Die (And I Will Some Day)

If I should die,
(and I will some day) ,
I won’t be far away.
You will see me.

The Call To Morning

I wish I could sleep late.
But I feel the sun
pulling me into the day
even when it’s still well below the horizon

When The Children Leave

We go through the motions when the children leave,
buy special dresses or rent tuxedos for the wedding,
find a special Maine gift to celebrate the move to California,
write reminder notes for the bachelor son heading off

The Smell Of A Dog

I love the way a dog smells.

Ever since I was a boy,
I have loved the smell of a dog's paws,

My Mom Has Gone


Christmas Day,
driving my mother

Hymhs Of Joy

I heard a whippoorwill last night
sing his wonder of the world.
The forest hushed,
caught in the spell

My Mother's Voice

I don’t ever remember wondering if a voice
I faintly heard was my mother’s voice or not.
I always knew.
Just as the fledgling albatross can pick out its