Ken Nye

Rookie (April 26,1942 / Lincoln, Nebraska)

Ken Nye Poems

1. Wilderness Waterways 10/29/2004
2. Stars In Her Pocket 8/25/2005
3. Crossing America: July 4,2005 10/17/2005
4. Searching For The Spring 10/29/2004
5. Coming Home At Twilight 10/29/2004
6. Appreciating The Tableware 2/15/2008
7. 'Let's Go For A Ride' 2/15/2008
8. The Prince Of The Forest 2/15/2008
9. A Knock At The Door 2/15/2008
10. Zion 2/16/2008
11. Everyday Courage 2/15/2008
12. The Marriage Bed 2/15/2008
13. Clouds Of Glory 2/15/2008
14. The Fawn 10/29/2004
15. Hymhs Of Joy 2/15/2008
16. My Mother's Voice 2/15/2008
17. My Mom Has Gone 2/15/2008
18. The Smell Of A Dog 2/16/2008
19. Don'T Go: A Father's Lament 2/16/2008
20. If I Should Die (And I Will Some Day) 2/16/2008
21. The Call To Morning 2/17/2008
22. When The Children Leave 2/17/2008
23. Gold Is A Color 2/15/2008
24. Making Love 10/29/2004

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Best Poem of Ken Nye

Don'T Go: A Father's Lament

Don’t go, little one.
Continue to believe that every smile you see
is from a heart that loves you.
Hold your little doll
as if your love gives it life.
Believe that it thrives on your devotion,
and that it dreams like you.

Don’t go.
Talk to the dog as to a brother.
Ponder a snowflake as proof of miracles.
Look upon summer as an endless season of adventure.
Trust that your mother and I will love
each other as much as we love you.
Don’t go.

Listen to stories with a belief that they are true.
Share in the joy of your friends;
hurt when ...

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Making Love

As the years go by and passions cool,
we make love in places that
twenty-five year olds only dream about.

We make love in the kitchen,
right at the table,
with a Scrabble board the mattress
and hints to help the other
our passionate kisses.