Kenlo Bertram

Biography of Kenlo Bertram

I am a woman who is native to Pennsylvania and all its beauty. I write often in the style of my father,
Dr. Kenton W. Bertram, who published a collection of poems called: 'Rhymes of the Times' and wrote many other poems and tales of life in the French Creek Valley and other scenic and historic spots in Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Allegheny mountains. I can never compare to his talent and gift in my humble words, and my style often rambles, but I hope to express and reflect on the beauty of our home.
This e-book is a collection of nature-related poems and a few other descriptive pieces.
I live and work in Meadville, PA in Crawford County and hope to retire to write more than time now allows. I am also a student and reside with my best friend and boyfriend Ben (also a very talented and published poet, check out 'Poetic Laughter' from trafford publishing, available for purchase on! !) and our two kittens Misty and Patchy.

Kenlo Bertram's Works:

Included in 'Tapestry of Poets' Collection for Guinness Book of World Records Updates


Sweet the smell of apple squeezin's
The air is dark with hosts
No stars can show a glimmer
And the world is full of ghosts

The moon on the horizon
Is a gateway from the earth
A glowing orange portal
Growing from embers on my hearth