Kenna Cook

Rookie (July 12th 1989)

Biography of Kenna Cook

I'm a 15 year old Female. I have not written poems my whole life. I just barly realized that i'm actually quite good at it. I write poems when I'm feeling down and depressed. So you will realize after reading poems of mine, that they are not happy poems. But I feel that this is a good way I have found, to help me get my feelings out. I hope you like my poems. Love Always Kenna Updates

Is Your Love True

You really are my everything,
I know that is hard for you to believe
You hurt me so bad,
Yet you were the first to deceive.

You said you were ending us
After all we had been through how could you let go?
You said I hurt you badly
Yet you were the first to cheat… now I know

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