kennedy musyoka

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Biography of kennedy musyoka

Kennedy musyoka was born on a chilly friday evening on the 4th of February
1983 to a humble family of four in Nairobi, Kenya.being the first born, his father Fredrick Musyoka an airforce officer and His mother Josphine Mbithi took it in them to streamline his up bringing and education.He started school in a military based school Embakasi Garrison Primary in Nairobi, Kenya.At an early age he showed his prowness in grammer and managed to get a 99% on his final paper before he advanced to Mumbuni high in the eastern province of kenya for his secondary education.Showing interest in engineering later in his high school life, he was to later join the Kenya Airforce as an aeronautical engineer but his love for poetry never siezed. Updates


what is love,
if it ain't what I feel inside, what is love if it ain't what
I see in your eyes,
what is love if not the things we risk in life,
it ain't love if we never miss a minute we are apart,
what is love if it ain't what we are ready to sacrifice,
what is love if it ain't the glare in your eyes,
if it ain't what we say to our halves its not love,
what is love......

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