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41. Let Me Love You Forever 2/6/2008

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Let Me Love You Forever

Let me love you forever,
Let me fix your broken heart,
Let me keep you happy,
Never let us part.

Whatever is needed,
I will do for you,
Whatever you have pleaded,
Whatever to be so true.

What do you see,
When you look into my eyes,
Someone that loves you,
This is no surprise.

I will keep you happy,
It is understood,
Ask not if I want to,
Any way I could.

This is the beginning,
Of what we deserve, .
I know there is more to it,
Than saying a few words.

So, let me love you forever,
Let me fix your ...

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I Think I Need Help

In the golden night,
The sun so bright,
It covers the stars and moon.
Where am I whence I were not,
Lost in a sea of words and gloom.
I went to the left, which was right,
So why am I sitting here, standing?
Up is down but all around,
To put it straight forward, not demanding.

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