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Biography of Kenneth Scott

Kenneth Scott has been writing since 1982, beginning within his High School years. In addition to his writing career, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, plays and composes for piano, works with MIDI-compatible musical equipment, and works with computer-graphics art. Several of Mr. Scott's works have already appeared in print. The poem 'Uninhibited Earth-Mother' was published in the full-figured, large person's magazine 'Dimensions' (April/May 1996) , the poem 'Mountains of Love' was published in the adults-only big-breast magazine 'D-Cup' (August 1997) , the poem 'Embryo Escapes Net-Profit' was published in the anthology 'Saturday Afternoon Journal' (1998, No.13, 'Flashback') , and the poem 'Son of GOD, Son of Man' was published in the anthology 'ONYX SPOKEN WORD: A Celebration of the L.A. Scene' (1999) . Numerous other poems, many of which falling into the genre of 'big-breast erotica, ' have been published in Mr. Scott's Platinum Members section of Trimaxx Publications, (2006) . Mr. Scott currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Updates

Her Gentle Soul

(Copyright (c) 2007, Kenneth Scott, All Rights Reserved)
13 May 2007

She sits peacefully,
and her two mountains of nurture
rest blissfully, covering her entire lap
like a warm, undulating blanket of ecstasies.
She smiles radiantly,

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