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Biography of Kenneth Scott

Kenneth Scott has been writing since 1982, beginning within his High School years. In addition to his writing career, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, plays and composes for piano, works with MIDI-compatible musical equipment, and works with computer-graphics art. Several of Mr. Scott's works have already appeared in print. The poem 'Uninhibited Earth-Mother' was published in the full-figured, large person's magazine 'Dimensions' (April/May 1996) , the poem 'Mountains of Love' was published in the adults-only big-breast magazine 'D-Cup' (August 1997) , the poem 'Embryo Escapes Net-Profit' was published in the anthology 'Saturday Afternoon Journal' (1998, No.13, 'Flashback') , and the poem 'Son of GOD, Son of Man' was published in the anthology 'ONYX SPOKEN WORD: A Celebration of the L.A. Scene' (1999) . Numerous other poems, many of which falling into the genre of 'big-breast erotica, ' have been published in Mr. Scott's Platinum Members section of Trimaxx Publications, (2006) . Mr. Scott currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Updates

My Fairest Love-Song

(Copyright (c) 2007, Kenneth Scott, All Rights Reserved)
31 August 2007

She is my fairest love-song,
the melody that comforts me
with the delicate beauty of her sweet embrace
and gentle rose-petal kisses. She is my most-exquisite bliss,
the overwhelming ecstasy between her two torso-sized love-breasts

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