Kenneth Snow

Rookie - 35 Points (Child of Eisenhower / The City of Brotherly Love)

Kenneth Snow Poems

1. Lesson 4 1/24/2006
2. A Life In Haiku – The Effort 2/28/2006
3. My Prayer 8/25/2006
4. Random Thoughts On My Daily Walk 8/25/2006
5. Love V Hate 10/13/2006
6. Clueless In Cyberspace 7/5/2006
7. On Internet Poetry Boards 12/20/2006
8. Stars 12/20/2006
9. Why Worry? 6/12/2007
10. Seek The Season 12/28/2007
11. She Said—no! 2/28/2008
12. Indeed 8/25/2006
13. Deny 3/18/2007
14. Haiku - 27 3/18/2007
15. Haiku - 30 3/18/2007
16. Touché 5/17/2007
17. Awaken 5/31/2007
18. Title 12/20/2007
19. The Scout Law 8/22/2019
20. Post Memorial Day 5/30/2008
21. Premature Evacuation 8/24/2008
22. Shades Of Brown...Earth 4/7/2009
23. Flecks Of Wisdom 10/2/2009
24. Oh Liberty… 2/22/2007
25. Bad Company 6/3/2007
26. Bagel, The Betty Lady 6/29/2010
27. America: Love It, Don'T Leave It 5/22/2008
28. On Henry David Thoreau 12/19/2006
29. Green Grows 3/26/2006
30. Love Or Lust 4/16/2006
31. I Am Snow 8/25/2006
32. Peace For Christmas 12/25/2006
33. Obviously 1/22/2006

Comments about Kenneth Snow

  • Maggie Just May (6/5/2006 5:40:00 PM)

    I have commented on the poems I think are 'keepers' from this collection, Ken. Now, rouse yerself man! Trawl through your collection and press to get that ultimate Kenneth 'Snow' Poemhunter ebook and show some of these teabags your best moves.

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  • Andy Konisberg (4/17/2005 6:17:00 PM)

    whole lotta shakin' goin' on, Kenneth. I think you've written some of your best stuff recently, and you weren't no slouch before neither.

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  • Solitary Man (3/31/2005 8:35:00 AM)

    I keep dipping in to your poems, Kenneth. Versitility with verse & consistent clarity.

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  • Jackson Kilroy (3/27/2005 9:47:00 AM)

    Have haiku, will travel.

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  • Michael Shepherd (2/20/2005 10:44:00 AM)

    Just re-read your poems, Kenneth. I'm envious beyond shame, of your lyrical ear. Thanks again.

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  • Michael Shepherd (2/10/2005 6:38:00 AM)

    Hi Kenneth, I really enjoy your poems. However, as you may know, this site has some vigorous (bruised?) atheists and agnostics - so don't expect much comment. But don't be discouraged - keep at it, which I'm sure you will. You have a delightful musical ear for verse. Best, Michael.

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Best Poem of Kenneth Snow

Peace For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is Peace
All I want is war to cease
In the homes and on the street
Peace on earth and joy to greet

Underneath my Christmas tree
Christmas morn I hope to see
Headlines blaring PEACE ON EARTH!
For men of naught and men of worth

Wrap peace up in shiny foil
Seal it tight so it won't spoil
Put it on a freezer shelf
Keep it fresh, our future wealth

Take it out at dinner time
Share a slice of peace of mind
Pass it out to all our Brothers
Sisters, Children and our Mothers

Use the peace meal, use it ...

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i promenade through passages
of crusted, concrete memory
and revel in plasticity

the silent, satin shackle
that binds my heart absurdly;
ingratiates my privacy

our mutual psychoses