Kent Holman

Rookie (12/07/1963 / Long Beach, California)

Biography of Kent Holman

Kent has been a Technical Writer for the past 9 years. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in English and Technical Writing. Kent is an avid gamer and enjoys not only PC and Playstation games, but also Airsoft and Medieval Recreation. Before becoming a Technical Writer, Kent worked as Chef in Europe and the United States. Kent enjoys writing poetry and some prose, but as of yet he is unpublished. He would like to publish some his writing, however, he writes more for the pleasure than for recognition. He welcomes critisism of his writing and also suggestion on improving his work. Updates

Toy Box

A Children's toy box,
a wooden soldier,
a block or two,
and a ball therein.

These are tresures
That a child holds dear.
A childhood of wonderment
In each toy that lies near.

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