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Kent Krauss Poems

1. Parental Memories 10/18/2015
2. Worklife Blessings 10/18/2015
3. Continuing 10/18/2015
4. Supper Backwards 10/18/2015
5. Cold 10/18/2015
6. On Fire 10/18/2015
7. Motivational Spark 2/12/2016
8. Obsession 2/12/2016
9. Natural Break 2/12/2016
10. Grinding 2/12/2016
11. Mood Reversal 2/12/2016
12. Seventy Million 2/12/2016
13. Familiar Scents 2/12/2016
14. Music 2/12/2016
15. Images In Space 2/12/2016
16. Fortunes 2/12/2016
17. Disagreeable People 2/12/2016
18. No Bigger Barns 2/12/2016
19. Roadblocks 2/12/2016
20. Geniality 2/12/2016
21. Shaking 2/12/2016
22. Running For Cover 2/12/2016
23. Authority 2/12/2016
24. Reality 2/12/2016
25. Chaos 2/13/2016
26. Saltiness 2/13/2016
27. Toppings 2/13/2016
28. Writing 2/13/2016
29. Spotlessness 2/13/2016
30. Scanning 2/13/2016
31. Leverage 2/13/2016
32. Reading Signs 2/13/2016

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Best Poem of Kent Krauss

Worklife Blessings

Getting to do something you enjoy for a living is an incredible blessing
That should not be taken for granted, as then you'd truly be missing
Out on how fortunate you are to have the work of your hands be such joy
To yourself that you look forward to going in each day, not just as a ploy
To get you out of the house or to earn a couple dollars for food or fun
But to believe in what you do, know you make a difference, are the one
Who makes life a little brighter for someone through what you do
Causing the world to be a better place, letting people see themselves anew

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Seeing a freezing cold landscape from inside a nice, warm home is not at all a bad thing to do
Sitting in front of a roaring fire can definitely take the edge from a day, after your limbs got a bit blue
From trudging through mounds of snow, doing the job that simply needed to be done, for the sake of a check
But which now seems to be melting away, a distant memory, until the next day's need sends you on a similar trek

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