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Rookie (12-05-1993 / North Carolina)

Biography of kenya black

Poetry and words are and will always be my way out...not one word is nothing not one word is boring...all of my works are from my state of mind, or creativity, and of the heart. i will never write when not inspired and will never just write to fill words in a small space...i always write something that is meaningful even when no one understands them, if only one, then I have done my job. Then my dream of becoming a writer of books and poems comes closer into view...welcome everyone and i appreciate any time you give to read and comment on my works. gives me encouragement and critisism so maybe one day ill be a great writer^_^ laterz

kenya black's Works:

Oce Writers Workshop: 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears'
~ The Fourth Chance ~ A Summer Day
Pecies of Eight 'The Maiden Inside of Me, ' pg.19.
~ Spanish River High school Literary Magazine

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In the eyes of your heart
There is passion
With the light kisses of roses,
You tame me
The words of solitude sets us free
Where only a field of flowers bloom
In the near sky
Of where two hearts come together as one...

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