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81. If Only You Knew 5/5/2016
82. I Thought 6/27/2016
83. A Life Not Lived 1/28/2017
84. Heartbreak 2/26/2015
85. How Did You Forget 2/26/2015
86. How Could You Forget 1/15/2014
87. Daughter 2 6/1/2013
88. Eyes Above Me 1/4/2012
89. Hurt 8/2/2012
90. Father 1/2/2012
91. Her Last Breath 11/11/2011
92. What Held Me Together 9/30/2011
93. A Life Of Love 10/14/2011
94. Getting Over You 10/14/2011
95. Forgive Or Forget 10/28/2011
96. Its Ok To Go 6/1/2013
97. A Bond So Close 7/21/2013
98. What Did I Do Wrong 11/2/2011
99. Missing Pieces 1/23/2013
100. Being Heard Not Being Here 1/29/2013
101. Anger 2/26/2015
102. Without You 10/28/2011
103. A Chance 1/4/2012
104. Ending Of My Life 10/3/2011

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Ending Of My Life

After what you said
I felt my heart break
As tears run down my face
You wrap your arms around me
You ask if im ok
I tell its ill be fine
When i got home that night
my life ended before my eyes
All my thoughts were filled with you
My life was death until you came
The only good thing in my life is you
To take that away will tear me apart
Its not ok, my heart is bleeding
My soul is breaking, my tears burning,
Im watching my life end, while i think about you
And the love you bring into my life
If your not here to shead some light
Ill meet death ...

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My Way Out

You brought me into this world,
Only to tear me apart piece by piece.
I'm nothing but a toy to you
An i will never be anything more.
You left me alone all on my own
the cuts left from you hurt
they burn melting me inside.
You left me for dead
knowing what would happen

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