Kerry Stacey

Rookie (11/18/92 / Dallas, Texas)

Biography of Kerry Stacey

I'm 16 years old. i'm a distance runner i run all the time, it's what i love to do. my family is always very supportive when i run. on April 26,2009 my dad passed away suddenly, with no warning. at this moment he was healthy, although he did have skin and bone cancer which could have gotten very bad later in his life. i was really close to my dad, he supported everything i did. he always showed up to all of my track and cross country meets, even when i didn't really want him to. he even flew out to see me run at nike cross nationals up in portland oregon (we're from texas) every one who knows him would say that he was a really great guy. all my friends and my boyfriend are really helping me through this difficult time, they've been a big help. Updates

My Little Strength

when did this lonliness become so normal?
how can we overcome?
i fall back into the pain,
each and everyday

i don't know what happened,
it just couldn't be true,
when he uttered those words,
i fell to the ground

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