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Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly poet

Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly completed first degrees in Humanities, English, Creative Industries and the Social Sciences, followed by a Master's with the OU. She travelled extensively before settling In Ireland with her five children and husband. Kerry was diagnosed in 2008 with Bipolar disorder and finds writing healing. Updates

True Love

True love: The divine gift of giving one's innermost soul to another
Letting it flow like the sea between the shores of your hearts
Ebbing, ever changing, ever growing as the atoms' bonds' strengthen
The glowing exchange of mutual respect and unconditional acceptance

True love: A sharing of spirits, compassion, hearth, thoughts and dreams
Letting the never ending journey of discovering one another begin
Ebbing emotions, tidal waves, tsunamis and eddies marking the first step
The ardent

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