Kevin Bear Bryant

Biography of Kevin Bear Bryant

I inspire to be like one Craig T. Nelson, no not him as an actor, but his role in 'Coach'. I thought he was the best. My heroes include Mills Lane, Nelson, Robert Palmer, and finally, Mike Bossy. I am a lifetime Islanders fan, and prefer the finer things in life, like Red Lobster, and Tully's (Okay, Tully's isn't considered 'fine') . Somedays, I dream about becoming Arnold Palmer, others could be Mike Milbury, so I could prevent him from his stupid decision making. I am, ironic enough, a Cleveland Indians fan. I believe I must be the only person from Long Island thats a Indians fan. I listen to Opie and Anthony, and I hate the New York Rangers with a passion. I'm a big sports nut, which you'll realize in my poems. Updates

Please Fire Morgan

It's Sunday Night
Baseball is on ESPN
And the lovely voice of Jon Miller begins.

The fans tune in
The fans show up for the ballpark
The players are ready to play ball

Despite all the positives

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