Kevin Brian Wright

Rookie (11/03/76 / Brooklyn, NY)

Biography of Kevin Brian Wright

Kevin Brian Wright poet

By Bill McDonald, President: American Authors Association

Poet Kevin Brian Wright is a romantic in the best sense of that word. He captures the divine romance of life through his brilliant prose. His words come across as if they were written by a 15th century monk who is high on the spiritual bliss of Holy Communion. One can almost feel this inner joy and “light” he projects with images from his words and phrasing.

Wright’s poetry evokes those same sacred feelings that come from the work of other divine and mystical poets such as Radindranath Tagore, Rumi, and Paramahansa Yogananda in his book of poems called “Whispers From Eternity”. This is tall company but I believe Wright's work possesses that same kind of spiritual DNA.

To call Kevin Brian Wright a mystic would not be a far stretch—his words certainly convey the feeling that he is reaching out beyond the material world and has escaped the illusions of this reality. If he had been born in another time or place, he could have well been friends with the likes of Blake, Shelley, Keats or Lord Byron. He fits well into both the romantic and the mystical poet’s clothing.

His words are a perfect bridge to the feelings he is trying to convey. He is not afraid to expose his heart and soul in his poems. Truly a gifted writer and one of immense understanding of things beyond the veil of life; it is no hyperbole to say that his work is that of a young master poet! This poet is destined for greater things than just poetry. He is on his way to self-realization!

Kevin Brian Wright's Works:

Theological Immortal Romance (An Elysian Love Story)
The Love Divine
A Lover's Passion Updates

The Music

That heavenly window in which her dazzling eyes best seen,
Bright like the fair sun where virtuous flowers glow.
Within the records of eternity a poet’s name renown.

Verses pour to truly tell the immortality of her beauty.
In simple kills of comfort I write in more than the blackest ink,
But from the hearts divine poison that bleeds from loves sweet wounds.

Of passion, of love, of war, her eyes wage truce with amorous rays,

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