Kevin Eickmeier

Rookie (August 10 1978)

Biography of Kevin Eickmeier

Born in Elgin, Illinois,45 minutes outside of Chicago. I started writing when I was about 13, and have always found it to be the best way to get out the things I need to say. I started off writing songs and have played in a few bands, but as I've gotten older I find my home in poetry. Updates

Passion Not Principles

Hey I was in spired to writ again. Let me know what you think
I've had conversations with people much realer than myself about topics that hold no bearing on the world we live on.
I've seen fires burning in the hearts of the unmotivated that will never be quenched by the will to achieve their goals.
I've set goals based on passion not principles that I will attempt to attain till I'm laid to rest in the sea and set on fire.
My dreams are so big it would take earthquakes shaking the foundatio

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