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121. Day In, Day Out 11/7/2014
122. Beating Heart 9/11/2012
123. Spring Days 2/22/2011
124. Noise 10/19/2009
125. The Girl And Her Dragon 1/31/2015
126. A Moth Or A Butterfly 2/10/2013
127. The Blot 4/6/2011
128. Who's Who 4/6/2011
129. Figurative Vampire 11/4/2010
130. A Monkey In A Tree 9/20/2011
131. A Baker's Line 3/23/2011
132. The Ocean 11/6/2009
133. Why Work... 4/18/2010
134. Slavery 11/16/2009
135. Sweet Leaf 8/1/2011
136. Grinning Skull 7/22/2011
137. Life's Grand 5/2/2011
138. What'Ve I Got 10/25/2009
139. 'Beauty' 9/11/2010
140. A Cloudy Morning 10/15/2009

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A Cloudy Morning

The clouds,
Elegantly do they stride
In their heavenly chambers
In the sky.

Tis' unjust,
That I should be chained here
Forced to bear witness to such majesty.

If my own thoughts and wishes were met,
I would glide out of this world
On a silky nimbus
To escape this silly, flitty society.

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The Nature Of Love

So sweet
So sad
So happy
So bitter

Many forms does it take
And yet all end eventually

Like the tantalizing, beautiful butterfly
It takes wing.

To death does it part,
Or violently, bittersweet
In life

One way or another, it ends
Inevitably to the predator or natural means

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