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121. Day In, Day Out 11/7/2014
122. Beating Heart 9/11/2012
123. Spring Days 2/22/2011
124. Noise 10/19/2009
125. The Girl And Her Dragon 1/31/2015
126. A Moth Or A Butterfly 2/10/2013
127. The Blot 4/6/2011
128. Who's Who 4/6/2011
129. Figurative Vampire 11/4/2010
130. A Monkey In A Tree 9/20/2011
131. A Baker's Line 3/23/2011
132. The Ocean 11/6/2009
133. Why Work... 4/18/2010
134. Slavery 11/16/2009
135. Sweet Leaf 8/1/2011
136. Grinning Skull 7/22/2011
137. Life's Grand 5/2/2011
138. What'Ve I Got 10/25/2009
139. 'Beauty' 9/11/2010
140. A Cloudy Morning 10/15/2009

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A Cloudy Morning

The clouds,
Elegantly do they stride
In their heavenly chambers
In the sky.

Tis' unjust,
That I should be chained here
Forced to bear witness to such majesty.

If my own thoughts and wishes were met,
I would glide out of this world
On a silky nimbus
To escape this silly, flitty society.

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Is it true, what they say?
Does a madman have to sound like some uncouth lout
chattering and chittering at unheard voices? NAY
He can be intelligent, an intellectual even.

Thought has pulled him into a whirlpool of never-ending contradiction
Going against himself even as he agrees,
Is this black bog truly a heavenly gift in disguise? ,
Like the greek goddess of love,

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