Kevin Rottweiler

Kevin Rottweiler Poems

1. A.D.4000 1/9/2013
2. Pit Bulls Kissing Lollipops 1/10/2013
3. Scary Streets 1/18/2013
4. Echoes On The Herb Garden 1/18/2013
5. Light On A Rock 2/21/2013
6. Rain On Bullmastiff Backs 2/21/2013
7. Dogs Downtown 3/11/2013
8. Crunchy Bugs 3/11/2013
9. Pit Bull Rainbow 3/20/2013
10. Dog Church 4/2/2013
11. Long Hair Seattle 5/11/2013
12. Jesus Revival 5/21/2013
13. Dragonfly Rain 8/5/2013
14. Rainy Coffeehouse Poet 8/12/2013
15. Elephant Pit Bull Coffee 9/11/2013
16. Blue Poodle 5/4/2013
17. Hermit Crab Fought The Cat 9/21/2013
18. Elephant Elephantitis 4/22/2013
19. Grandma Pit Bull 9/30/2013
20. Peanut Butter Elephants 4/14/2013
21. Rottweiler Menthol Breath 4/10/2013
22. The Agricultural Life 10/11/2013
23. Farming With Grandma 10/19/2013
24. Cactus Desert 10/22/2013
25. Apple Tree Graveyard 10/29/2013
26. Smell The Farm 10/31/2013
27. Grapes On Vines 11/14/2013
28. Winter Snow Again 12/15/2013
29. Bird Crossing Tuesday 12/15/2013
30. Pit Bull Sandwiches For Sally 12/15/2013
31. Hospital For Keith Oxen 12/22/2013
32. Cat Morning 11/21/2013
33. Tadpoles In The Water 12/22/2013
34. Robot Moon 1/3/2014
35. The Little Virus 1/3/2014
36. Flower City 1/9/2014
37. Cows On Muddy Pastures 1/12/2014
38. Labrador Lives For Love 1/12/2014
39. Grape Jelly In Cold Jars 1/12/2014
40. Canadian Geese Walking In Puddles 1/12/2014

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Hot Dog Fight At The Supermarket

the hot dogs came alive
one package at a time
slithering from moist wrappers
seeking warm buns
escaping to the floor
they were going to fight a war
and escape out the door
yes hot dogs
with minds of genius
the hot dogs came alive
never would they be tortured
in a frying pan, grill or oven
bursting at the seams
covering their burns with vaseline
people can be mean
and the hot dogs can scream
one hot dog went outside
then he died
another found a car
another one found a bar
one became a rap star
the hot dogs came alive
they escaped...

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Crab Apples Drinking Tea

so I went into the coffee shop
with an aching head
trying to reverse a caffeine headache
wanting to be a great poet
just wanting to be in control
wearing a blue oxford shirt
like a grad student wasting time
and it was time
looking around at the chaos

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