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41. Community College Biology Class 1/12/2014
42. Radiation Sunday 1/12/2014
43. Leaves Falling 12/22/2013
44. Cherry Fields In The Ghetto 12/28/2013
45. Methane The Elephant 12/28/2013
46. Destiny A Shepherd Dog 1/22/2014
47. Sardine Can Fishfry 2/4/2014
48. Sheep At Veterinary Clinic 2/5/2014
49. Worms On The Sink 2/5/2014
50. Worm Rainstorm Cement 4/21/2014
51. Gerbil Fought Cucumber 7/1/2014
52. Hands Of A Baby 7/1/2014
53. Dog Tongue 4/21/2014
54. Fruit Cocktail Can 4/21/2014
55. Pears Fall Off The Tree 1/3/2014
56. Pit Bull Bobby 2/19/2014
57. Gerbil Sunday 2/4/2014
58. Elephants Dining At Fast Food Places 1/16/2014
59. Pancake Log Cabin 12/22/2013
60. Rainy Day Sunday 4/22/2013
61. Apples Fall Again 4/22/2013
62. Coffee House Of Caffeine 6/18/2013
63. Pit Bull Sandwich 1/22/2013
64. Holy Spirit Alive 1/27/2013
65. Crab Apples Drinking Tea 1/10/2013
66. Pit Bull Friend 3/20/2013
67. Apple Trees Cry 10/4/2013
68. Sheep On A Hill 2/3/2014
69. Cows On The Horizon 2/3/2014
70. Cow Pie Thursday 2/19/2014
71. Chicken Saturday 2/19/2014
72. Pit Bulls On Mainstreet 1/9/2013
73. Dinosaur Chiropractor 4/22/2013
74. Sunshine On Dragonfly Lollipops 12/22/2013
75. Cats & Kittens Of Childhood 12/7/2013
76. Cats Down Below 12/7/2013
77. Banana Spiders 11/14/2013
78. Raindrops On Cat Backs 1/10/2013
79. Rottweiler Stew 1/2/2014
80. Gerbils In The Jello 2/5/2014

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Hot Dog Fight At The Supermarket

the hot dogs came alive
one package at a time
slithering from moist wrappers
seeking warm buns
escaping to the floor
they were going to fight a war
and escape out the door
yes hot dogs
with minds of genius
the hot dogs came alive
never would they be tortured
in a frying pan, grill or oven
bursting at the seams
covering their burns with vaseline
people can be mean
and the hot dogs can scream
one hot dog went outside
then he died
another found a car
another one found a bar
one became a rap star
the hot dogs came alive
they escaped...

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the rain water came
it was an awful game
people living on the sidewalks
tent cities take their toll

a plastic doll floated along
an old man sang a sad song
the bread lines are getting longer
a lady spoke in tongues from a mud puddle

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