Kevin Scanlon

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  • '''Life is an endless problem solving exercise where you try to solve problems both major and minor while experiencing major and minor gains and losses that end with the greatest loss possible.'''
    Kevin Scanlon
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  • ''Some take comfort in thinking that we are all doing the best we can, but according to neuroscience we are all doing the ONLY thing we can at every single moment. There's no free will, just the illusion that we think we made a choice when we have conscious awareness of a decision or behavior.''
    Kevin Scanlon

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How To Be A Billionaire

You’re on a sympathy tour, making all the rounds
Even cut your hair another inch ‘cos your lover left you
Thought you’d invested in one lucrative partnership
Till your ego got devalued and you threatened to sue.

And when you write the book on how to be a billionaire
Filled with strategies from the extreme filthy rich
Be sure and dedicate it to all the poor credulous fools
You hope will line up to buy your sad sales pitch.

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