Kevyn Whitehead

Biography of Kevyn Whitehead

I am but a simple man. I write what i feel when i feel. I have no love speak of and no friends there either. My mind is creating every second i think.

Kevyn Whitehead's Works:

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Death To A Good Poet

How can you love someone so vile and mean?
How can you love any one thats not right for you?
When i feel love i feel something placed between us.
I see that love to you is just a game.
Then I relize that all this is just a game.
Just a game I can not win.
So tell me exactly what I'm soppose to do now that I've allowed you to beat me. Do you think we could play another game maybe I could win this time.
But no all I see is hate and putrid towards you.
Thats all you know so now I sit here

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