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Kewayne Andre Clark-Wadley  [ Fictional / Free Verse Writer ]
Born November 5,1987 In Groton Connecticut.
I was raised half of my life in Birmingham, Alabama and the other half
In Soperton, Georgia.
Southern Gentleman at best haha. I've spent a couple of years in Central America
The Panama Canal. Now days I reside in Memphis, Tennessee.
Both of my parents were in the Navy, Now retired.
I grew accustom to moving around to different environments.
I started writing when I was thirteen.
Due to an argument with my art teacher at the time. She made me choose between drawing and writing as she sought I couldn't do both as one required more focus than the other in her eyes, I chose writing. Finding a strong passion that would accompany me today. Also having a background in Drawing, Painting as well
as music. I played The Alto Saxophone for a year or two.
If personally asked. I don't have a specific style as I tend to write what's in my heart.
I mostly write about love. Yeah a hopeless romantic: -p. I have been known to drift in different directions.
I'm fascinated with The universe, the stars. I try to expand my reach in my writing,
as there I feel free and can truly be myself without fear of judgement.
Amateur at best, I strive to follow my passion and continue to learn.
As when I first started writing I had no clue to what I was doing.
I still don't! Lol! I try to relate a lot of what I learned in my art classes as well as music into my writing. Not literally haha! But the concept of drawing lines off the page
as well as putting my heart and soul into every piece.
I also love music! I can't live without my headphones hahaha
I hope to partake in a couple of workshops but can't shake the stage fright of actually
attending. Sad I know It's okay to laugh

A lot of my Influences span from different varieties of artistry
Just to name a few
-Langston Hughes
-Edgar Allen Poe
-Stephen King
-Chuck Palahniuk
-Donald Glover
-Lupe Fiasco
-Jhene Aiko
-Claude Monet
-Johnny Taylor
-Claude Mckay
-John Lennon
-Roger 'Prince' Nelson
-Salvador Dali
-Saul Williams
-Kevin Young
-Pablo Picasso
-Al Pacino
-Andy Warhol
-Remy Shand
-Seth MacFarlane
-Gil Scott-Heron
-Eyrkah Badu
-Jill Scott
-Jerry Seinfield
-Alan Watts

Kewayne Wadley's Works:

Collected Whispers (2006) , For This Cause Writers Unite (2012) , Where the Mind Dwells (2015) , The Poetic Bond V (2015) Updates

Uptown Eclipse

Orion smiles as his arrow begins to circle us
Neptunes tear raptures the statusphere
Mere footprints left upon Mars' print
the cool flames flicker pon the moons blush
Thristing for distance as Plutos sphere sees eternity
Across the vast ocean of stars
Depicting every moment as each second draws near'er
Words couldn't begin to define the caramel embers that

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