Kewayne Wadley

Gold Star - 25,673 Points [KW, After Romeo, ForbiddenHiatus, Sleepless_Poet, Kewayne Wadley] (1987- / Groton, Connecticutt)

Kewayne Wadley Poems

521. Incense Of Addiction 4/13/2016
522. Translucent Refuge 4/13/2016
523. Hazardous 4/14/2016
524. Insomniac 4/14/2016
525. The System 4/14/2016
526. Are You Really A Pirate, That Eye Patch Does No Justice 4/15/2016
527. Hellos Open Envelope 4/16/2016
528. Love Procrastinated 4/16/2016
529. In This Tool Shed, I Miss You Dearly 4/16/2016
530. When Can I See You Again, Such An Intoxicating Aroma 4/17/2016
531. Hot Summer In Atlanta 4/17/2016
532. On The Fingertips Of Eyelids 4/19/2016
533. Red Birds, Pink Lips 4/19/2016
534. So This Is What Hell Is Like 4/19/2016
535. Platonic 4/20/2016
536. Reflections 4/20/2016
537. Medically Prescribed 4/20/2016
538. Medusa, I Promise Everything Is Going To Be Okay 4/20/2016
539. Strictly Satire #1 4/20/2016
540. Strictly Satire #2 4/20/2016
541. Strictly Satire #3 4/21/2016
542. Strictly Satire #4 4/21/2016
543. Strictly Satire #5 4/21/2016
544. Strictly Satire #6 4/21/2016
545. Strictly Satire #7 4/21/2016
546. Strictly Satire #8 4/21/2016
547. Strictly Satire #9 4/21/2016
548. Carnival 4/22/2016
549. Honey 4/22/2016
550. Sneakers And Ants 4/22/2016
551. The Everlasting Beauty Of Candy 4/22/2016
552. Musical Notes 4/22/2016
553. The Present 4/23/2016
554. Manipulative Charmer 4/23/2016
555. Drown 4/23/2016
556. Me & You, Mirrors And Reflections 4/23/2016
557. In The Bosom Of Fire 4/23/2016
558. Conquistador's Thirst 4/25/2016
559. That's A Nice Shirt, But I Don't Like The Color Sun 4/25/2016
560. Sacrifice/ In The Wake Of Dreams 4/25/2016

Comments about Kewayne Wadley

  • Jez Brul Jez Brul (5/22/2018 2:51:00 PM)

    A poet with unlimited profound ideas on life.

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  • Dawn Novus Dawn Novus (1/30/2018 2:32:00 PM)

    Each time I read your poetry I think I cannot be more enamored by your words. Strung together like a maestro creating a master-piece symphony. I really adore the depth of your mind.

  • Sofia Kioroglou Sofia Kioroglou (12/18/2015 2:27:00 PM)

    Kewayne Wadley is a really gifted poet! I am so glad I got the chance to read his work on His work is so warm and evocative! I love reading his poems!

Best Poem of Kewayne Wadley


There are many roads we face in this thing called life,
some take us to heights unparalleled,
Some are filled with precious stones, pebbles, that leave a bright glimmer like the sun,
Others lead us back around to our favorite places we've passed,
One of my favorite roads takes me past your smile and a warm welcome,
Next to the wells that nurishes the plants that grow well,
to become trees. That soar high to over look the heights of growing,
A glorious feat, as all trees aren't fortuate to grow as tall,
but upon this road accompained with warmness,
The ...

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As She Played

Piano keys are softly pressed by the fingers
of tonights savior
stories told without a single word
as I long only to hear more
never once did your lips quiver
emotions secretly uttered
in the stares met across the hall of where our eyes first danced
play for just a while longer as I can escape through
the song your fingers dare to sing

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