Kewayne Wadley Quotes

10 October 2016

Her tongue is the novocaine that heals all pain

11 November 2016

Her mouth is the Aqueduct From which my life springs

18 December 2016

And Like The rain, We Both Fell

19 December 2016

Easier is a state of mind, even a ocean starts as a puddle

19 December 2016

And with the touch of her hand, the wall became a bridge

19 December 2016

Flaws reciprocate each other until they find perfection, only through outside eyes

19 December 2016

I was never good enough, that still wasn't never enough to stop me

19 December 2016

She showed me that being strong willed was hardly enough in the midst of her disaster, I've watched buildings falter beneath her steps only for her to then smile like nothings happened

19 December 2016

Fragile are the pages we turn, not truly knowing the severity of tight pressed pages

10 January 2017

Everyone fails to mention what happens to the moth after the flame is extinguished