Kewayne Wadley

Gold Star - 26,834 Points [KW, After Romeo, ForbiddenHiatus, Sleepless_Poet, Kewayne Wadley] (1987- / Groton, Connecticutt)

Kewayne Wadley Quotes

  • ''Sorrow escapes through the air as black smoke,
    The burning smell of a wick swelters in liquid wax.
    The Candle soon hardens as if nothing has happened''
    Kewayne Wadley
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  • ''Each morning she grants me the unique privilege of providing a smile on her face
    I know quite a bit about the simple things.
    To watch her walk in and delight herself with the croissant of open lips
    A splash or two of milk painting her smile.
    I just might have to bring her breakfast one day
    Just to return the favor''
    Kewayne Wadley
  • ''I deliberately stained my lips with the edible arrangement of her heart,
    Savoring the hint of love''
    Kewayne Wadley
  • ''Often times it's hard to see in the dark,
    Of all the signs you've thrown.
    I caught the most important one''
    Kewayne Wadley
  • ''I got on my knees, hoping that you would appear
    I waited until the morning, keeping my eyes closed in solemn prayer.
    Hoping to see you when I opened my eyes.
    I was curious when you would appear, keeping my eyes closed.
    Continuing to wait, my knees became sore.
    Still I knelt on my knees knowing pain.
    Would your love ever take over.
    Continuing to wait I opened my eyes at the crack of dawn.
    Rising from my knees when I saw nothing but disappointment.''
    Kewayne Wadley
  • ''She, herself was the labyrinth the minotaur protected. As through her heart lead a passage to heaven''
    Kewayne Wadley
  • ''Never let the bitterness of a situation get the better of you.
    Keep your focus, render yourself open and adapt to the surrounding change.

    Everything requires balance

    Balance being what makes you smile most''
    Kewayne Wadley
  • ''"Acting like you don't care is not letting it go."

    Give yourself consent to breathe and entitle yourself to much needed reassurance that the small stuff is never as big until we say it is.
    So live, smile. Laugh as much as you possibly can. Starting now. Life itself is a see saw. Look up and see all the beauty that comes your way. Don't let the negative vibe of others impact the positive flow of what you have going on. Don't underestimate the power of a smile''
    Kewayne Wadley

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Best Poem of Kewayne Wadley


There are many roads we face in this thing called life,
some take us to heights unparalleled,
Some are filled with precious stones, pebbles, that leave a bright glimmer like the sun,
Others lead us back around to our favorite places we've passed,
One of my favorite roads takes me past your smile and a warm welcome,
Next to the wells that nurishes the plants that grow well,
to become trees. That soar high to over look the heights of growing,
A glorious feat, as all trees aren't fortuate to grow as tall,
but upon this road accompained with warmness,
The ...

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As She Played

Piano keys are softly pressed by the fingers
of tonights savior
stories told without a single word
as I long only to hear more
never once did your lips quiver
emotions secretly uttered
in the stares met across the hall of where our eyes first danced
play for just a while longer as I can escape through
the song your fingers dare to sing

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