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I- umm i'm your average high school goth i guess exept i'm, a lot more nicer but that doesn't really matter. A goth is a goth. I'm very opened minded and i love to learn about people and all their advantgers(i hope i spelled that right) . I don't like my dad cuz he thinks that because i'm goth and i'm currently exporing both genders that makes me like my mom and that's bad? ...i don't get it? Does he want me to be one of those fake chic's who have no real friend? cuz i wont. i'm me and thats i'm really shy in person but once you get to know me i'm wonderful to be around.

Keysha Sanchez's Works:

none yet but i promis that i will be someday soon, I'm already being published for one of my poems
'For death is Near'
so there *sticks out tongue like a little elementary child* J/k love ya Updates

I The Somber Moon

I, the somber moon
questioning the human mind
as I bare witness to every crime
blood curling screams pierce my fragil ears
I''m unable to cry
unable to look away

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