khadeejah roberts

Rookie (june 6,1994 / hanford, ca)

Biography of khadeejah roberts

My name is Khadeejah Roberts, & I am a student at Riverdale High School. I started writing music since I was in the fifth grade. I would always on my free time would write songs or poems. I woulsd usually write about things I see going on or something I expirienced. People always love my poem. As a freshman, I am taking an elective, which is chorus. I have been taking chorus for two years now & it's amazing. I have been in choirs before that which is why i love poetry and writing songs! ! ! ! Updates


Tears are words your heart can't say
They get so bad
'Til you want to take wings and fly away
The clear drops of tears
Shows a sign
Of all the pain that's hidden inside
You shut you eyes
And let the tears dropp
You it's already out

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