Khairul Ahsan Quotes

11 November 2014

It's easier to unfurl oneself in poetry than in prose. I love poetry exactly for that.

29 June 2017

We are all long distance runners on a track that is as vast as life itself, with an unseen finish line. We may slow down or speed up at intervals, at convenience, but we must never stop.

01 July 2017

One who thinks good, cannot speak bad.

16 July 2017

Nobody ever comes for ever, but everybody at some point in time goes for ever!

14 October 2017

Those who manage their time well, fare well.

05 December 2017

Loneliness is a living mirror. It reflects on many shades of life in retrospect.

11 February 2019

I love kindness and compassion, in whatever measure, wherever!

10 March 2019

Life, methinks, has a beauty in each stage, dawn to twilight. Even a man at the doors of death may have something to look at and revel in.

10 March 2019

Love requited is a song of nature.

13 July 2019

Kindness and compassion are the two natural byproducts of a loving heart.

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