khaisarez sugui

Rookie (july 23,1994)

Biography of khaisarez sugui

I'm Khaisarez. My real name is Brigittee Consuelo C. Sugui from The Philippines. 'Khaisarez', 'Ezka', 'Kaisar' is my code name. I often use Khaisarez as my codename because its the combination of the names of my own characters. But my friends often called me as Kaisar.
I live in the place where beautiful nature is found but in place where problems about the biggest economic crisis was found. I'm only 14 years old a third year high school in Ilocos Norte Colloge of Arts and Trades. Updates

Image Of Life

World has this different and unexplainable life
Its like a terrorist world with terrorist person
See the fears on the eyes of people
They abuse them and treat like an idiot
You can't avoid this kind of life
But hope still the best thing that you have

Economic crisis on this idiot world
Makes the people poor and turn around

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