Khaleel Steir

Rookie (Hartford, Connecticut)

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Khaleel Steir poet

I write poetry because I find it helps me get my thoughts out in a way people can understand. Poetry has become a way for me to vent feelings and thoughts on paper. Though throughout my time of writing poetry it has helped me become a better person by not bottling my emotions and letting my inner poet out. Updates

The Unsung Hero

My hard work goes unnoticed for years. I'm a nobody.
I feel like Robin, Batman’s sidekick.
A pat on the back, at most. Why even try then?
So when will it be my turn? !
Wait. Could it be? Now that everyone is gone, I’m the ONE you need? !
Hold on now. When I’d have to jump through rings of fire to make us look good.
Why should I help you now? Why shouldn’t I just turn my back?
Just like you and everyone else did when I accomplished something.
Yeah, it hurts doesn’t it. Standing in t

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